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2024 Xiamen stone fair is coming

2024 Xiamen stone fair is coming
Mar 01, 2024

Greetings, dear visitors,

Welcome to the illustrious city of Xiamen as we come together to partake in the esteemed Xiamen Stone Exhibition of 2024. As the premier stone industry event in Asia, it is with immense pride that we extend a warm welcome to exhibitors and attendees from across the globe.



Ever since its inception, the Xiamen Stone Exhibition has grown in scale and influence, evolving into a pivotal platform for the global stone industry. This year's exhibition promises to once again captivate top-notch suppliers, experts, and discerning buyers, who will gather to explore the latest advancements, trends, and lucrative business prospects.

Prepare to witness a splendid fusion of innovation and tradition as the Xiamen Stone Exhibition unveils an awe-inspiring array of diverse stones and their associated products, equipment, technologies, and solutions. From the rich elegance of marble, the enduring grandeur of granite, the sleek allure of quartz, to the rugged allure of slate, you shall find a curated showcase of these world-renowned materials and designs.

Moreover, Xiamen, as one of the honored host cities of this exhibition, boasts a delightful climate, a distinctive geographical position, and a storied history steeped in culture. We are confident that amidst your engaging participation in this momentous event, you will also find yourself enchanted by the enchanting beauty and unique allure of this captivating city.



Anticipation builds as we prepare to unveil an extravaganza brimming with vast business prospects, enriching exchanges, and fruitful collaborations. Together, let us embark upon this remarkable journey in Xiamen.

Important Details:
Date: March 16th to 3rd, 2024
Venue: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center
Booth Number: C1035

We eagerly await your presence.




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